Crooked Creations

Test Results

Crooked Creations is dedicated to crafting only the most high-quality hemp-derived THC products that have been rigorously tested by third-party labs, ensuring both safety and quality. 

Our commitment to providing exceptional value to our customers is matched only by our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of product excellence.


Mango OG - 4.5g Diamond Bar

Apple Kush - 4.5g Diamond Bar

Watermelon Diesel - 4.5g Diamond Bar

Pineapple Express - 4.5g Diamond Bar

Blue Razz Mintz - 4.5g Diamond Bar

Strawberry Zkittlez - 4.5g Diamond Bar

Berry OG - 4.5g Diamond Bar


Apple Berry Kush - 2g Cartridge

Pineapple Passion Haze - 2g Cartridge

Watermelon X Cherry OG - 2g Cartridge

Peach Zkittlez - 2g Cartridge

Maui Wowie - 2g Cartridge

Blue Razz - 2g Cartridge


Pina Colada - Gummies

Sour Blue Razz - Gummies

Sour Kiwi Lime Punch - Gummies

Sour Watermelon OG - Gummies

Sour Cherry Berry Gelato - Gummies

Strawmelon OGK - Gummies

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